Tyler Hannigan  
Versatile Artist, Craftsmen and
    Founder of   silverhawk.com

Artist Background

  Graduate in Ceramics from the Philadelphia College of Art.

  Worked several years with the Army and the Air Force as a Recreation Specialist, teaching a variety of Fine Crafts to the military personnel and their dependents.

Studio craftsmen off and on for so many years.
Working in various media including glass, fiber, and ceramics producing functional pottery and developing jewelry concepts.

Tyler Hannigan
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Artist Statement

From having taught a variety of art and craft disciplines I've learned to apply insights acquired in one area to another. I find it exciting to work traditional materials in new ways. Always expanding the perceived boundaries.

CLAY Perspective

Of all the media I've explored I'm most comfortable working in clay. My latest focus has been surface design utilizing the hand carving sgraffito technique. Generally I combine numerous related design elements to produce the whole. This I believe imitates life where numerous unique individuals combine to build the community.

VISUAL ART Perspective

As a Mixed Media Printmaker my focus is to set up a printed design or base line to which I can embellish by hand with pen, pencil or paint to produce a unique work of art. Collectively these paintings becomes a "series" instead of the traditional limited edition package.

GLASS Perspective

I work with several design elements that may not normally be considered with traditional stain glass.
The glass and leaded foil are used as structural materials requiring what I call "Intuitive Engineering" to form the sculptures. Activating the sculptures with electric Light is another design feature that requires understanding of a separate set of paramaters. For instance, translucent glass would show the internal light source. I use non-translucent glass to catch and diffuse the light rays which in turns creates a glowing object.

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Contact Artist
Tyler Hannigan
HC 78 Box 9526
Ranchos deTaos, NM 87557

575-751-7604   -   Facebook Link   -   Email Link

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